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GZ Trasformazione lamiere

GZ develops complete and customized stainless steel nautical equipment/ accessoires, such as telescopic gangways, ladders, tenders etc. At GZ, we are able to fulfill your requests by creating completely customized components with the best materials.

JIWU Gyro Stabilizers

JIWY Gyro Stabilizers products vary from stabilizers and stabilizer platforms to altitude sensors for ships, etc., which all contribute to better stabilizing function for any vessel under any sea condition. The most significant advantages of gyro stabilizers are its validity under any speed and it’s effectiveness of reducing up to 95% of boat-roll.

MATN’S stabilizers

MATN’s stabilisers develop and manufactures stabilizers for luxury yachts, commercial vessels and naval ships. Due to experience and knowledge, MATN’s stabilisers have become a sound and reliable company with expectional products


At Rotorswing, we supply a suitable stabilization system for almost all vessels up to 35 meters and with speeds from 3 to a maximum of 35 knots. You can choose from rotors or fins. We provide the solution for stabilization at cruising speed, at full speed and at anchor. All this combined in one system and 100% electric.