INTERNAVIS is your supplier of high-quality nautical items.

our goal is to offer a complete nautical package, in which we can meet the high wishes and requirements of the owner/shipyard.

GZ develops complete and customized stainless steel nautical equipment/accessories, such as telescopic gangways, ladders, tenders and other products. GZ is able to fulfill your requests by creating completely customized components with the best materials on the market.

HP Watermaker is since 1995 a expert in watermakers. With a wide range of manual semi-automatic and fully automatic reverse osmosis watermakers they have a solution for every client.

MATN's Stabilisers develops and manufactures stabilizers for luxury yachts, commercial vessels and naval ships. Due to experience and knowledge, MATN's stabilisers have become a sound and reliable company with expectional products.

Roodberg is the worldleader in boat handling equipment for lifting and yard transport. In addition, Roodberg's slipway trailers have been designed that you can use them to get boats of various sizes and weights in and out of the water and transport them to and ffrom the pilot or storage place.


At INTERNAVIS we care about the wishes and requirements of our clients and shipyards. We are constantly working to make the wishes a reality. Our standards and values make it possible to achieve this.

  • Honest advice
  • Outstanding service
  • Aftersales such as aftersales should be